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Why We Love What We Do
August of 2015, Minnesota no longer accepted the Utah CWP and worked with North Dakota to have reciprocity with them.  The 2 states came up with an agreement that they will offer reciprocity as long as North Dakota residents have a North Dakota Class 1 permit.  In order to have the North Dakota Class 1 permit, you need to demonstrate your proficiency in using a handgun.  Since there are a limited number of public ranges to meet regulations, we decided to open up a range for public use.  That has grown to  providing a fingerprinting service and passport photo service.  We also seen the need for beginners to have a place that they can learn how to safely use  a handgun.  To remedy that we now offer a beginners only class that will guide them thru the basics of handling a gun safely and to become proficient shooters.
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